The design of the booth is already quite unusual and unexpected.

But we wanted to present the content in an unexpected way as well.

Getting the visitors involved is an important part of the user experience.

The visitor would kick off, on purpose or by hazard a video content, that could not be foreseen.

(Turn on the sound!)

By stepping on the tip of the wing, the visitor is kicking off the video

The content can completely be adapted to the different fairs.

Each wing could have a different video, so that people would walk around to see them all.

Image Videos, or presentations by important actors, existing old or new footage, everything is possible.

Not only the presentation is unexpected but so should be the content itself. With LED Elements at the vertical and the horizontal elements, we can create a surprising effect, speaking straight to the visitor,

boosting the effect with an appropriate sounds design.

There are unlimited possibilities to create content for this. Imagine stepping on the wing and:

- "standing" in a hot air balloon, seeing the beautiful landscape

- "standing" in a bar / sitting in the audience of a concert

- seeing a famous ambassador looking straight at you and inviting you to come to luxembourg

- "standing" in the middle of luxembourgs best conference spots