first ideas

"Let's make it happen" is everywhere. Obiouvsly it has to be part of this to.

But how? It should be unexpected. Let's not only put the shape in prints and videos.


What if the whole booth was a "Let's make it happen" logo you could walk trough?

What if you can only walk through the main campaign visual but could interact with it as well?

The idea consists in shaping a booth in "X" shape, in the exact proportions of the "Let's make it happen" visual.

The different "wings" of the "X" would have vertical elements, needed for visuals, informations and practical reasons.

By putting a vertical wall with a triangle top in the middle of each wing, we create 4 outher and

4 inner corners of the booth.


Using the spaces in between for: the stock,

the b2b meeting zone as well as

for the personal and digital info points.

" Ok, this works. 

But we need more

unexpected stuff! "